Healing Collective Trauma - A Veteran’s Memory, A Civilians Forgetting
This is a 3-part podcast of my speaking at my Unitarian Universalist Congregation on May 29, 2016.

Men And Attachment Trauma
Blog post for the MN Trauma Project, Nov. 15, 2015.

Excerpts of talks about living a heart-centered life.
Patrick's first book, a holistic approach to mental health, for therapist's, clients and the general public.
Patrick's second book, a memoir, A Whole-Hearted Embrace: Finding love at the center of it all.

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A Whole-Hearted Embrace, Finding Love at the Center of It All
Qigong in Psychotherapy: You can do so much by doing so little

“When you desire intimate connection with others or the divine, don't look with your eyes. Open your heart and let your longing lead the way.”
“If you dig deep enough into any grief you will always find your way back to the center of your heart. The journey is worth the destination.”

Patrick Dougherty